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Our History

In 1985, Dean d'Ambrosia left his family's confection business in Chicago and came to Dallas with an exciting new vision. His idea was simple but brilliant: to find a way that anyone could quickly and easily bake gourmet, homemade-style cookies and confections- and have them turn out perfectly- every single time. Not ordinary store-bought or commercial cookies, but real, top-quality confections identical to those made by expert pastry chefs. These professionals are rigid perfectionists, so equaling them and earning their respect is quite a challenge, but Dean accomplished both.

Aphrodite products have been exclusive from their inception: they do not start with a common dough base to which different flavors are added. Each cookie and confection starts with its own unique, traditional recipe. This important concept insures that each cookie and confection has its own individually distinct taste. For a treat to be truly gourmet and homemade, it is imperative not to cut corners. Each product must be made with the finest ingredients. For instance, all chocolates used are equal to European brands, and all Aphrodite products were made trans-fat free years before others considered this an issue. Also, anything that really should be done by hand is actually done by hand. For example, the cinnamon in our Cinnamon Sugar cookies is carefully rolled throughout the dough by hand- so that the cinnamon may be enjoyed throughout the cookie to last, tasty crumb.

There are never any preservatives or "shelf-life" additives in any of our delicious treats. We make no changes from the same time-honored recipes you use in your own kitchen. The many steps and details we follow assure the superior, homemade quality of our products. In our business, GREAT TASTE IS EVERYTHING!

Moreover, Dean combined these sensational treats with outstanding customer service to create the complete secret formula of Aphrodite Divine Confections. His simple dream is now a wonderful reality. Dean and his dedicated staff literally work around the clock to make wonderful cookies and confections that are easy (and virtually fool-proof) for you to bake and serve to your customers. We do this because your success is what Aphrodite Divine Confections is all about!